The Beginning

The company was founded in December 2005. In March 2006, BOR started operation with a small team of approximately 10 people. The company initially offered one service - survey programming. BOR signed an exclusive contract with one of the leaders in the online market research industry - Kantar.


Significant Growth

Due to the team commitment and high professionalism, the company started to grow significantly. BOR team increased to 30 people. Four more services were added to the company’s portfolio. The new services, which were offered, included pricing, sampling, data processing and project management. The teams were separated according to the regions of their operation (APAC, EMEA and AMS).


Team Expansion

As the services which were offered expanded, the number of professionals increased. By January 2007, the team consisted of nearly 100 people. As a result, the company was moved to a new office space, which allowed a better communication between the different departments.


Adding Portfolio

In the beginning of 2010, we started a new chapter of our development as new responsibilities were added to the company. Our partner assigned new TNS accounts to us. This was a brand new way of operation as the client requirements were new and more sophisticated. The company continued growth required another office relocation.


New Accounts

Three years later, our partner increased its own portfolio by buying another leader in the industry - GMI. Our team was assigned to new accounts and new research tools were implemented.



Today BOR is celebrating 10 years of operation. Nearly 300 young professionals are working in the company. Decade later the brand is nationally and internationally recognized. BOR stands by strong company values and sustainable policy. The company has become the largest Bulgarian company in the online market research industry.