Diversity & Inclusion


Critical components in creating a positive, innovative, and productive environment in Bulgarian Online Research.

At BOR, we are #OneBORTeamTogether, where you have 100% support to be 100% you.

We are committed to fostering a positive business culture by creating a welcoming and inclusive community. Our dedication extends beyond our internal practices to supporting our clients in embracing diversity and inclusivity. We help them connect more effectively with their diverse clientele and approach business challenges from a well-rounded perspective.

We believe in equitable procedures that promote both women and men equally through the pipeline. By empowering women in leadership positions, supporting young parents, and mentoring emerging leaders, we aim to foster the behavioral shift required to establish an inclusive culture. This culture promotes the success of our clients, our employees, and our company.

At BOR, we are committed to encouraging diversity throughout the entire recruitment process. We believe that having a diverse team is essential, not just advantageous. Over the past eighteen years, we have developed fair and standardized assessments with our experts, considering a range of talent sources, including underrepresented groups in high schools, transitional housing, and accessible job opportunities for all.

We strengthen and expand upon our joint efforts to support minority talent by providing them with a comprehensive onboarding program tailored to their individual needs and ongoing support throughout their journey with us.