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DIY suite, Respondent portals, Website UX testing component for Forsta Survey, Gamified study templates and tools and more. 


DIY Suite

Our proprietary DIY Suite offers a modular, highly customizable environment for streamlined survey creation and deployment. It seamlessly integrates with pre-loaded client survey and reporting templates, providing exceptional flexibility. With an integrated DIY question creation module and various connector prototypes for external dashboarding and data processing tools, it empowers users to tailor their research solutions. Our platform offers flexible pricing and feasibility modules and boasts pre-existing connectors to popular systems like Forsta, PowerBI, and proprietary client systems. It effortlessly integrates with API-based survey and reporting solutions, sampling marketplaces, and can efficiently deliver data to the client ecosystem using API-based and FTP connectors. Furthermore, our solution can be personalized with your branding and configured as a standalone or multi-tenant solution, enabling simplified user, template, and access management. This allows different client teams to access distinct modules, templates, and branding, ensuring a tailored experience for every user.


Respondent portals

Drawing upon an intimate knowledge of access panels’ limitations, built-in functionalities, as well as the complexities involved in managing multi-mode, multi-source diary and qual recruitment surveys, we have developed a standalone white–labeled solution, which works in conjunction with survey software, enabling secure communication between the panel portals and the survey software. Simultaneously, it provides real-time access to the respondents, allowing them to track their individual progress, as well as to the project manager, who can monitor and update quotas, survey performance, activity and recruitment targets / success rate.


Website UX testing component for Forsta Surveys

Built on-top of standard survey software, this specialized component is designed to enhance website UX benchmarking, assess respondent engagement, focus, and solution path analysis. It offers the flexibility to test pre-loaded scenarios or collect comprehensive experience data, such as time tracking, media engagement, and user fatigue.


Gamified study templates and tools

Over the years, our team has developed a variety of customized gamified solutions and templates, meticulously evaluating engagement, intrinsic reactions, and emotional responses. As standalone tools, they can be integrated in different survey platforms and with our clients’ templates and designs. Our consultants work closely clients with clients on building standardized reporting frameworks, rigorously verified through RonR, and to further customize and refine the tools to completely fit the research requirements and needs.


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