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Survey Programming

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist with end-to-end project implementation, custom tool development, and consulting. With over 15 years of experience, we have worked with all major platforms, including ConfirmIt, ForstaSurveys (formerly: Decipher), Alida-Sparq, and Sawtooth. Because we are automation experts, we can assist with activities like platform conversion, data consolidation, and advanced reporting. We can also use our unique solutions to create unique experiences for clients and respondents, or we can use the built-in features of survey software.

Our programmers have worked with some of the most difficult and satisfying surveys for our clients, requiring them to have a solid understanding of the survey software in question as well as to put their web programming and design skills to the test to ensure that the client’s requirements are met and their concepts are recreated in a unique respondent journey. We provide excellent quality at a fair price along with our knowledge in the following areas: – Custom tool design and integration – Data Processing automation and automated response quality solutions – Survey programming on your preferred platform

Custom reporting – Cross-platform migration – Joint and MaxDiff design and implementation

Gamification and cutting-edge data collection methods like IRT, personalized portals, and social network and website user experience (UX) simulations

Standalone DIY solutions.

Quality Assurance

Using internal automation tools and testing scenarios specified for the specific survey, the Quality Assurance team runs visual tests on every survey link built by BOR or other vendors. To guarantee accurate survey behavior, data collection, and the best possible respondent experience, our QA team conducts cross-platform and cross-device testing.

Data Processing

The team that handles data processing is proficient in all aspects of data protection, including data cleansing and checks, data re-formatting and weighing, setup and quality assurance for tabulations, OE coding, sophisticated sampling, dashboarding, and charting. To meet client expectations, we use a variety of data processing technologies, including Quantum, SPSS, PowerBI, ASCRIBE, and Q. We also output all data formats that are typical in the market research sector.

Our DP Specialists are highly valued for their expertise and skill, and they usually collaborate directly with the insights teams of our clients to create the greatest deliverables for insights that can be put to use.

Below is a summary of our primary areas of competence:

Verifying and purifying data

Delivery of customized data formats, intricate reformatting, and weighting

Coding of text – Tabulations

DP automation – Conjoint analysis and reporting – Charting and reporting (PBI)

Client Operations 

Client Operations teams have been demonstrating competence in executing all the elements of the online market research in project management, data collection, fieldwork processes and ensuring timely delivery at a high quality standard. We are very client focused, client-centric, with very flexible regional and multi-account structure and exposure. 

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

Panel, Sampling, Fieldwork and Project Management

Managing sample only, full service, healthcare, tracking, wave and ad hoc quantitative and qualitative surveys

Handling multiple projects in parallel

Excellent client service and delivery that help to build effective client and internal relationships

Building and maintaining long term trusting relationships with sample providers, partners and vendors

Quality management and survey completion within budget and to the standard and timescale agreed upon with the client

Questionnaire input, recommendations and advice as per the latest GDPR standards and regulations

Quota monitoring, management and reporting on different hosting platforms, APIs or tools

Experience of working to ISO quality control procedures

Incentives management and allocation

Data matching and appending

Deploying and championing new (automation) software solutions, platforms and processes

Insights and consulting on project execution, sampling strategies and efficiencies 


Pricing teams are responsible for the whole bid and sales process execution – from the initial customer contact through the project closure and invoicing. We are offering our clients consultancy around improving feasibility, cost adjustments and multiple options and revisions, based on years of experience and knowledge of the local and global markets. We have continuously built and maintained client relationships to ensure high and consistent client satisfaction. 

Our expertise is including but not limited to:

Accurately predicting feasibility, cost and timings of projects by analyzing various audience requirements

Putting together accurate RFQs and preparing initial costings for simple, medium and high complexity projects

Prepare visually appealing and accurate proposal documents

Building and fostering relationships with new and existing clients while sustaining strict deadlines

Consulting clients regarding recommended project approach(es) to include the use and application of online panel data to support various client’s objectives

Securing repeat business and regularly offering improvements

Applying custom rate cards

Extending GDPR compliant guidelines and professional advice

Scheduling invoices

Assisting in preparation and updating financial reports 

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