Welcome to our Leadership Academy!

Designed to empower and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

BOR Leadership Academy


At Bulgarian Online Research, we believe in cultivating a culture of leadership excellence, and we are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Leadership Academy—an immersive program designed to empower and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Program Structure:

Sessions: Engage in interactive one-hour sessions and discussions led by BOR seniors industry experts and team leaders.

Mentorship: Benefit from one-on-one mentorship opportunities with our experienced colleagues who will guide you in your professional journey.

Projects: Apply your learning through hands-on projects that address real-world leadership challenges and benefit from real project experience.

Who can join?

The Leadership Academy is open to individuals who demonstrate the potential and eagerness to grow into leadership roles. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills or an emerging leader ready to take the next step, this program is tailored for you.

Application Process:

Interested candidates can apply by email at hr@borsolutions.com. The selection process will be competitive, with a focus on identifying individuals committed to personal and professional growth.

We are excited about the possibilities that the Leadership Academy holds for you and your professional path. Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the leaders who will drive innovation, foster collaboration, and inspire excellence.

Ready to lead? Apply now and embark on a path to leadership greatness!
Please note that this academy is not connected to furthering your career with BOR. Apply today by sending us your CV to hr@borsolutions.com

Program Highlights:

Leadership Foundations: Gain a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles, styles, and the essential qualities that make an effective leader. Learn to lead yourself, empower yourself before take a handle on the team.

Strategic Vision: Learn to think strategically and develop a vision that aligns with organizational goals. Acquire the skills to turn visions into actionable plans.

Effective Communication: Master the art of communication, including public speaking, active listening, and fostering an open and inclusive dialogue within your team.

Team Dynamics: Explore the dynamics of team building, motivation, and conflict resolution. Understand how to create a positive and collaborative work environment.

Adaptability and Innovation: Develop resilience in the face of change, and embrace innovation as a key driver for personal and organizational growth.


Save your seat for our upcoming BOR Academy. See what our graduates think about learning with us.





A very simple yet engaging intro to Python. I definitely got the gears going in some of the example problems and it was fun to feel like  I was at University in the summer. Thanks to my mentor Martin I have managed to feel more in my shoes while coding in Python finally. Thank you for this mentorship program!




I liked being part of a team while learning new and useful skills. The lessons were easy to follow and the teachers engaging. Thank you, Martin for the amazing mentorship. I am very grateful for your help in improving my programming skills. Keep the good times rolling!




This mentoring program felt like a good refresher on the basics because I don’t code for a living. This course was challenging enough for my first time attempt at learning Python, but not so challenging that I got frustrated. The pace was good and not super intense.